Comprehensive Vision Examinations


Starting with a thorough medical and visual history of our patient and their family members, Dr. Peek is very particular in his examinations. He often double-checks and demonstrates his findings during the course of the exam. It is quite common for patients to say that they have never experienced such a detailed eye exam. The examination consists of visual acuities, refraction, tests for binocularity (two-eye coordination), eye movement control, focusing skills, as well as external and internal eye health. Glaucoma and cataract evaluation is included. If you are a new patient, expect a dilation of your eyes as Dr. Peek is better able to evalutate your eye health with enlarged pupils. For young children (Dr. Peek recommends a first eye exam between three to five years of age, or earlier if there are any suspicious observations) the examination will be fun and enjoyable. Cartoons are often a hit with the younger children, and parents are encouraged to stay and watch, or even participate, in the examination. A final discussion of his findings and recommendations conclude the exam. You will be given a pamphlet summarizing your vision status and an eyeglass prescription is offered at your request. Our recall system will keep you informed as to when your next appointment is needed.