Medical Eye Exams & Treatment

We at Raleigh Hills Vision Clinic consider vision to be the most precious sense a person has. It can influence one's lifestyle dramatically. That's why we take eye health very seriously. Although we recommend and practice a preventative approach, when the unexpected happens, Dr. Peek is ready to intervene immediately. He is able to treat and manage several types of eye conditions, including glaucoma, eye trauma, and eye infections or allergies. A conservative approach is most often used, meaning that a strong medication will not be prescribed unless it is needed. Some eye problems need aggressive treatment, and this is when his medical training and background are utilized. Occasionally, conditions are not best treated by Dr. Peek, so he makes the appropriate referral to your primary care physician or other specialists. We always follow up with our patients to assure the situation is stable. Dilated eye exams for those with diabetes would also be an example of medical eye exams performed regularly at Dr. Peek's office.